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To Add Insult to Cold Weather – It Can Be Rough on Your Mouth!

By TheDentistSays | December 11, 2016

Question:  “Can cold weather really affect my teeth?” Answer: Yes! Here are a few things to look out for as the weather turns cold! Dry Mouth – The winter means that your body in general will be more dry than in the summer. It doesn’t help that you may have the heat on for most […]

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You Can Get Whiter Teeth All By Yourself and Without Chemicals! WHAT?

By TheDentistSays | November 29, 2016

You may wonder “Why Do Teeth Change Color – gosh darnit?” Well, the usual suspects like soda, coffee, red wine have color pigments called chromogens that attach to the the tooth Enamel. (Did you pay attention to the last blog about Parts of the Tooth?) Other common reasons teeth change color: tobacco, trauma and certain […]

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About What is Really Inside Your Tooth…

By TheDentistSays | November 22, 2016

Knowing the PARTS OF YOUR TOOTH will help you understand better how to care for your teeth and help those in your family too! The part of your tooth that you see is Enamel.  Enamel is the strong outer layer and is actually the hardest substance in your body.  WOW! What a crazy thought!  The Enamel protects the […]

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So, Is Your Dental Insurance Scaring YOU?

By TheDentistSays | November 10, 2016

Even though Halloween is over, the scary part of our year may just be beginning?  It is OPEN ENROLLMENT! As you start to choose or renew your insurance, you might have some questions? QUESTION:  Are you In network with my new dental insurance? ANSWER FROM SANDY:  Though the answer should be “cut-and-dried”, In and Out […]

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Floss, Waterpik, and Then Brush?? Or Molar Opposite??

By TheDentistSays | November 4, 2016

Question: What order should I be doing my home care? Our hygienist Kristy Hopper shared this common question for the Blog. There are many opinions about this, but our practice recommends first and foremost, do them in SOME order! ha! Kristy’s response:  First, you should floss to loosen debris. Then, you should waterpik to wash debris […]

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