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INTRODUCING: Cosmetic Botox® Injections

Our dental office will begin offering Cosmetic Botox® on April 22nd.  Helen Bennett, MEd, MSPH, MMSc PA-C, joins our office to offer this service. Helen brings experience and expertise to offer this service. See Helen's bio on our website page:  Meet the Team

Injection of small quantities of botulinum toxin into specific overactive muscles causes localized muscle relaxation that smooths the overlying skin and reduces wrinkles. Botulinum toxin effects take about two weeks to fully develop and last three to four months.  




Regular dental cleanings are a part of a consistent oral hygiene regimen. Dental cleanings involve removing the dental plaque from your teeth while preventing cavities, and other oral diseases. While routinely cleaning and flossing your own teeth is effective, having your teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist is recommended at least twice a year.

Dental hygienists are able to remove the tartar buildup that cannot be removed by a routine brush and floss. If you have accumulated too much hardened deposit or tartar in your mouth, we recommend you get your teeth scaled, polished, and debrided during your teeth cleaning so that you can avoid these problems in the future.




Strengthen your tooth and enhance its appearance with a dental crown. Additionally, a crown can restore a weak or broken tooth to its normal shape, size, and function.

Crowns are “indirect restorations” that are ideal for various dental purposes. It can be used to attach a bridge, restore a broken tooth, or prevent weak teeth from breaking. A crown can also cover teeth that are badly shaped, discolored, or out of position. Crowns made of gold and/or porcelain can be used to restore implants.



Missing teeth are not only unattractive but also inconvenient. Missing teeth can affect how you speak, chew, and bite. They can also have an impact on the way your teeth support each other and change the shape of your face.

Let us “bridge” the gap with our functional solution to missing teeth. With our help, you can have a healthy and beautiful smile again. We use bridges to replace missing teeth and restore proper oral function.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

With full mouth reconstruction, you can have the smile you have always wanted. Rather than focusing solely on your teeth, Dr. Sable ensures that your teeth fit together properly, reducing the likelihood of chipping or breaking teeth, headaches, tooth sensitivity, and other dental problems.

Reconstructive dentistry is concerned with the rehabilitation of severely compromised dentition. This includes teeth worn by aggressive grinding or age as well as esthetically compromised teeth due to discoloration, crowding, and traumatic injuries. Missing teeth that are removed because of extensive decay, periodontal disease, or trauma can be restored with implants, dentures, or bridges.

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Dental Implants

Get a permanent and natural-looking solution for missing teeth at our office. Missing teeth can often be replaced with dental implants, which are the next best thing to real teeth. Dr. Sable specializes in replacing missing teeth with an implant that looks and functions just like natural teeth. Implants can also help strengthen the underlying bone of surrounding healthy teeth and preserve your bone height, which is necessary for a youthful face and smile.

Since dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, they can help enhance your appearance and confidence. More importantly, implants that are securely attached allow you to eat what you like and speak easily and clearly, providing you freedom from embarrassment.

By following a regular routine of careful oral hygiene and regular checkups, your implants can last for many years. To find out if implants are ideal for you, ask us to evaluate you today.



Get a stunning smile with durable, natural veneers. If are unhappy with the color or shape of your teeth, veneers are an excellent option. Veneers are cosmetic facings placed onto your natural teeth. When using veneers, several characteristics of a tooth can be changed, such as spacing, color, shape, and size.

Porcelain veneers can mask a fractured or discolored tooth, multiple misaligned teeth, or teeth that are not uniform in size or shape. In addition, porcelain veneers can be used by patients whose orthodontic treatment has relapsed. Veneers can be made of a composite material, known as “bonding,” or longer-lasting ceramic porcelain. Veneers are durable, look natural, resist staining, and generally make your smile look great.

single tooth implant



Perio Protect ®

This is a revolutionary method for treating periodontal disease. It minimizes the use of surgery and antibiotics and maintains optimal oral health.

Gum disease develops when plaque bacteria and tartar extend under your gum line. The soft tissues become irritated, infected, and inflamed, causing redness and swelling. Eventually, gum disease starts to destroy the gum and jawbone tissues, which can result in tooth loss. Gum disease also increases the bacteria levels in the mouth, which can spread to the rest of the body and cause serious health problems.

Many extensive surgical treatments can fight gum disease, but we offer the minimally invasive procedure of Perio Protect®. This system is used in conjunction with dental cleanings and often improves their effectiveness. To complete Perio Protect®, you simply use a hydrogen peroxide gel medication in a dental tray for a few minutes a day. This system fights the bacteria in your mouth and helps heal your gums of infection. We will perform deep cleanings at our office while you use the Perio Protect® gel at home in order to fight bacteria and gum disease.


Periodontal Deep Cleaning

Heal periodontal disease and control gum inflammation with nonsurgical scaling and root planing. When bacteria plaques are left to accumulate on the teeth for a long time, they form deposits called “calculus.” Due to its nature, the calculus deposits cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. Removal of the calculus, combined with proper oral hygiene, will allow the gum tissue to reform a tight and healthy seal at the neck of the tooth.

A periodontal deep cleaning session removes plaque, calculus, and bacterial toxins from your teeth’s roots. After the procedure, your teeth’s tissue health and color will dramatically improve. Gum sensitivity and bleeding will decrease as well. Only professional scaling and root planing can remove all deposits because these access root surfaces using special instruments. These are meticulous processes and may take several appointments.


Night Guards

Protect your teeth and jaw joint from grinding with night guards. “Bruxism” is the medical term for clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth during sleep. Clenching and grinding have negative consequences, including TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems. Grinding down your natural teeth’s enamel increases the danger of cracking, breaking, or loosening your teeth. It can also damage fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and other restorative dental work.

A custom-fit night guard can make a big difference. We can create a thin, comfortable night guard that will perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. It will not irritate your gums or palate (the roof of the mouth), and you will be able to use it every night without hesitation. These small night guards are made of thin and comfortable acrylic. The crystal-clear material conforms to your teeth for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Oral DNA Testing

One of our goals is to save lives, one smile at a time. We care about more than your teeth. As a member of the Center for Dental Medicine, Dr. Sable partners with local physicians to make sure that his patients receive the highest level of care. He also strives to ensure that all of his clients’ health concerns—those related to the mouth and affecting the body in general—are addressed.

Dr. Sable offers oral DNA testing to determine the levels of bacteria in your mouth. He will evaluate your risk for periodontal disease, which causes inflammation of the gum tissue and bone loss around teeth. Dr. Sable also screens for early signs of diabetes, heart disease, and oral cancer.

Other Services


TMJ Therapy

TMJ problems are a family of concerns related to your complex jaw joint. If you suffer from frequent headaches, have sore facial muscles, or experience clicking or popping of your jaw joint, you might have a TMJ dysfunction. These problems are caused when the upper and lower teeth do not meet the way they are designed to, which puts undue stress on the jaw joint.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Do you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth every now and then? Call our office today for an evaluation. We provide a range of solutions that can help you have a healthier and more comfortable jaw.

Worried woman holding her head, migraine.

Airway Issues – Snoring and Sleep Apnea

We take your quality of sleep seriously as it can affect your appearance, relationships, health, energy level, and ability to enjoy life. If you are suffering from snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy is an effective treatment.

It is critical to diagnose and treat sleep apnea and sleep bruxism as early as possible. Have you been told that you snore or grind your teeth at night? Do you feel excessively fatigued during your waking hours? We recommend that you schedule an evaluation with an ENT who specializes in airway issues. This appointment can help you enjoy a great night’s sleep again.

CPAP machines can help alleviate airway issues. An alternative to this is a Narval™ CC oral appliance. Noninvasive, comfortable, quiet, and easy to use, the Narval™ CC is an oral appliance that is similar to a night guard. It supports your jaw in a more forward position, maintaining an open airway while you sleep. This can greatly reduce snoring and sleep apnea episodes. Oral appliance therapy can also protect the health of your smile—research indicates that an increase in teeth grinding is directly proportional to the frequency of apnea episodes.


Bite Adjustment

Reshaping teeth to make them fit better and touch more gently greatly enhances the relationship between the teeth, the jaw joints, and the muscles. Reshaping is referred to by various names, including bite adjustment, equilibration, selective grinding, or occlusal adjustment. However, these terms mean the same thing.

Bite adjustment reduces the force on the teeth by positioning the lower jaw (mandible) properly when biting. This is also achieved by guiding the lower jaw in movement. The procedure involves precise and minimal adjusting of the outer coating of the tooth (enamel), reshaping it to optimize the bite.

An occlusal adjustment provides many benefits. A properly done bite adjustment protects the teeth and decreases the force on the muscles and joint. The total force generated by the muscles of chewing will be decreased by up to 60%, leading to comfortable and relaxed muscles, decreased headaches, more freedom in jaw movements, and more protected teeth.

When Does a Bite Adjustment Make Sense?
It is common for people to clench or grind their teeth. At best, this leads to flat, worn, and unattractive teeth. At worst, it can cause many symptoms affecting the teeth, muscles, and jaw joint. Clenching or grinding can make teeth very sensitive to hot and cold. These mannerisms can also cause teeth to become loose or break into pieces.

Sometimes, there is limited ability to open the mouth because the muscles are so tight. This situation makes eating difficult. The muscle’s tenderness or spasms can also lead to headaches and neck aches.

The last area affected by the force of grinding is the jaw joint or TMJ. Because of constant grinding and clenching, the TMJ can become very sore. The jaw joint can also start popping or clicking and even stop opening or closing. All of these symptoms can all be extremely difficult to cope with. A bite adjustment is one way of treating these problems. The procedure is aimed to remedy these issues and hopefully, prevent them from occurring or increasing in severity.


Teeth Whitening

Look younger and healthier with a bright white smile. At our practice, we can help bring back shine and luster to your smile with convenient teeth whitening procedures that meet your needs and budget. We offer two teeth whitening treatments, both of which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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