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So, Is Your Dental Insurance Scaring YOU?

Sable DDS insurance

Even though Halloween is over, the scary part of our year may just be beginning?  It is OPEN ENROLLMENT! As you start to choose or renew your insurance, you might have some questions?


QUESTION:  Are you In network with my new dental insurance?

ANSWER FROM SANDY:  Though the answer should be “cut-and-dried”, In and Out of Network have very different implications for dental insurance and medical insurance because these types of insurance are written very differently.  Dental insurance has specific coverage outlined for preventive care (Come get your teeth cleaned!) and other treatments (“Ouch, my tooth hurts!”) But the difference in coverage for your dental care at Rob E. Sable DDS PC between In and Out of Network for many dental insurances may be a LOT less than you think!

Is this clear as mud yet? I’ll keep going… Our fees are consistent with the “usual and customary fees (who talks like that?) for almost all In-Network plans.  What does that mean?  That means that you get really good insurance coverage in most cases, despite the fact that our our dental practice is not In-Network for your dental insurances.  Do I hear doubt already?  REALLY, I can help you understand your plan if you have questions.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW: If you have dental insurance, it will cover all or much of your dental cleanings with ROB E. SABLE DDS PC, and much of other treatment you may need. So USE it! I can help you figure it out but so can your dental insurance company which in many cases is not even the same company as your medical insurance.

Open enrollment FEAR?  We call it opportunity to come see us more and let us take care of you, your beautiful teeth and your health.

~Sandy Palermino, Office Manager, 770 475-7551

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Floss, Waterpik, and Then Brush?? Or Molar Opposite??

Question: What order should I be doing my home care?

Our hygienist Kristy Hopper shared this common question for the Blog. There are many opinions about this, but our practice recommends first and foremost, do them in SOME order! ha!

Kristy’s response:  First, you should floss to loosen debris. Then, you should waterpik to wash debris out.  Finally, you should brush your teeth so that you are brushing a much cleaner surface.

If you have any questions about your home care, please email us at  We know that every patient is unique and special and will have unique and special circumstances!  We are here to support you and make your dental home care as easy as possible!