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5on Google,Sep 23, 2020


The staff and Dr. Sable himself are all very friendly, courteous, and professional. Moving around, I have been to a lot of different dentists over the years. Dr. Sable’s is by far my preferred one. The largest feather in this cap is the thoroughly honest and thoughtful treatment I have received as a patient and customer. I intend to get all my checkups and work done here from now on.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 22, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Sable for many years and have always been provided the best of care and treatment. Dr. Sable stays up to date on all dentistry practices and ensures that this is included in his recommendations to your care plan. Great dentist and staff!

5on Google,Sep 16, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Sables for over 20 yrs and have been very pleased with he and his Team's professionalism and service. I had a cleaning today and was really impressed by the new equipment and protocols they have put in place to deal with covid and keep patients safe. I had no concerns at all. My cleaning was done by Kylie who is new but clearly a veteran. she did an excellent job. I highly recommend Dr. Sable and his practice.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 16, 2020


The best dentist I’ve ever gone to.

5on BirdEye,Sep 14, 2020


I have always trust Dr Sable’s procedures. He knows how to have the work done well. Thanks!!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2020


I enjoy seeing Dr Sable and his kind and gentle staff. My entire family comes here for our dental cleanings. My parents, my husband and my three kids!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2020


Kylie was wonderful! She had clearly reviewed my chart before my appointment and was so helpful and kind!!

5on Healthgrades,Sep 03, 2020


I’ve gone to Dr.Sable for several years. He continues to be an amazing dentist, with an awesome staff!

5on BirdEye,Aug 31, 2020

Mary Jo

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Sable for many years but honestly, seeing a dentist during Covid 19 had us a bit spooked. However, once we were texted that we could come inside we immediately saw how the front area was redesigned to keep us separated and safe. Gone werecthe coffee machine, water bottles, and magazines replaced with sanitizer & disposable masks. Lea (at the front desk ) was masked and communicated with us behind a plexi-glass partition as forehead temps were taken. Within two minutes we were individually “whisked” to our exam rooms. Equipment had changed, hygienists were shielded, masked, and body covered from from neck to toe. What a relief! Each room also had its own air purification system operating! As usual, following my exam, Dr Sable checked in, also dressed in Covid safety wear., a new appointment card was printed and out the door I went to meet my husband in the car! I never saw another patient thanks to perfect scheduling! Wow! Dr. sable and staff once again went beyond our expectation! Yes...I missed the coffee, magazines, lip balm and hugs....but I can certainly say to those who are as reluctant to see a dentist as we were...”Hakuna Matata”! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5on BirdEye,Aug 29, 2020


I’m a travel surgical nurse I’ve been going to dr. Rob Sable for 20+ Years!!!! He’s very patient explains things well and gives me Options on how we’re going to address the situation, I’m not even nervous before he works on my mouth because I know he’s gentle he’s very cautious with his work and it’s very tedious and he really enjoys Joyce in the outcome is beautiful and I’m grateful thank you Dr. Rob Sable

5on Google,Aug 26, 2020


I started going to Dr. Sable when I was in High School 30+ years ago. Since then, I have lived in many places and have had multiple dentists. I was not getting the best experience from the practice that was right next to my work. My mom said, "Why don't you come back to Dr. Sable, he still asks me how you are doing every time I have an appointment." A couple of years ago, I decided to return to his practice. It was like no time had past at all between us. He is a genuinely great dude. He cares about his practice, reputation, his employees, and most importantly, about his patients! You cannot find a better dentist. I never write reviews, but I am doing this for him because he is just that great and deserves this praise. -Pete Malloy

5on BirdEye,Aug 25, 2020


Superior safeguards in place. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

5on Google,Aug 24, 2020


Dr Rob Sable and his staff are awesome. In light of Covid, they paid particular attention to the cleanliness and the safe operation of their practice...I was so impressed with the additional precautions that they took. As always I felt like I was in good hands and got the best dental care possible! Thank you Rob and staff!

5on Google,Aug 17, 2020


With Covid-19 and my post-cancer compromised immune system, I was a bit nervous about my routine dental exam and cleaning. They quickly put my concerns to ease, by all the precautions the staff is taking. Additional air filters, PPE, and added equipment made me feel very comfortable. The hygienist was so gentle, I actually was visualizing a tooth massage as she worked. ;) Overall, another pleasant experience. Very grateful for Dr. Sable and his staff.

5on BirdEye,Aug 12, 2020


Dr. sable and his staff are great!

0on Facebook,Aug 11, 2020


Dr. Sable and his stall are always excellent to work with. I would highly recommend this practice!

5on BirdEye,Aug 11, 2020


Wow! The air quality in this office is spectacular! I felt like I was breathing the champagne of air. I felt very safe and it really seems that Dr. Sable has done all that can be done to keep both the staff and the patients safe during this difficult time. Of course as always lovely staff and excellent work ! Honestly if I could have just sat in the chair for an hour I would have done, my lungs were singing( so oxygenated!) sadly there were other folks that needed to be taken care of and I had to leave.

5on BirdEye,Aug 10, 2020


Dr Sable is great at what he does. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with dentistry throughout the years and injuries...Dr Sable was able to take over my case with great skill and competence.